City Hall EOC and Fire Hall tour

Our participating classes were able to get a brief glimpse of the complex operations the city has in place for complex emergency situations and fire hall responses

Sarah Hunn, from the City of Richmond Emergency Programs led the classes in a presentation on what happens from a City management perspective in the event of a major emergency, including the activation of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Sarah identified the major roles of EOC members, how they are identified by coloured vests and walked through the Web EOC Dashboard where significant events are monitored.

A publicly available copy of the EOC presentation is available below

The students were also given a tour of the Brighouse fire hall #1, an orientation of the fire trucks and the rescue equipment on board. The reservoir on the trucks are very limited, training is ongoing and continuous and we discovered that a significant amount of calls are medical related. In the event of a major emergency these resources will be stretched even further.

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