Art is a way of survival

Ferris Elementary and the City of Richmond, Emergency Programs have collaborated on an artist led initiative by local BC artist J Peachy to explore the question; how can an elementary school help prepare the large community for emergencies? Starting in February 2023 two grade 5/6 split classes will engage in the process of inquiry, hear from individuals with direct experience from natural disasters, learn from the land and an indigenous perspective about building community and resiliency.

Renown artist Yoko Ono coined the phrase ‘Art is a way of Survival’ and with that in mind we will activate young creative minds, hearts and hands so they can develop a multi-faceted mindset, care and skills to express ideas and possibilities. In June the school community will host an event and some of the student expressions in this process will be available for the general public to see.

We invite you to follow the project on instagram, Youtube and to also save the date for Thursday June 1, after school hours to join us in the celebrate our collective work.

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